The olive tree fields

The Acton di Leporano farm is an individual farm focused on olives and fruit cultivation. It covers about 300 hectares and is located in the south of Italy, on the Gioia Tauro plains of Calabria. These are famous for high quality olive oil production in Italy.

The olive tree fields which surround the borgo of Cannavà all have ancient and original names:

The Roccella and Pioppo valley both present the ottobratica variety, typical of this area. The ottobraticas are more than 200 years and can reach a height of 20 meters, with an olive production yield of about 600 kg per tree.

Cannavello, Gorna and Rotta are also centuries-old trees. When you pass through you can see and smell the orange groves under their large crown.

Castaneto and Barco are located on a splendid estate which hosts the old cellar and young olive trees which have taken the place of the old vineyards.

The farm is extremely sensitive to the search for quality and excellence through experimentation of the olive oil cultivars, which find their ideal growing conditions in its area.

In the Foresta, where the river Petrace passes through and herons find a resting place, the Acton di Leporano farm has over the years developed local clones from seedbeds. These have then been turned into a single variety with the specific characteristics of the territory. The variety planted in this olive field is called Cannavà, named after the region in which it is found.

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