Tasting in the Loft

As with great wines, the use and the enhancement of olive oil should be aimed at creating a culture of diversity based on the use of specific olive oils for different oil-dish matches. [Read more]

Here in the loft, the Acton di Leporano farm evaluates the excellence of its olive oils, based on testing the sensorial role of great olive oils in an array of dishes.

In the loft, we organize events where high quality cuisine made by a top chef is supported by the farm’s healthy products.

Here are a few simple rules to follow in order to better identify the various aspects of a virgin oil:

  • Look at the oil against the light, shaking it in the bottle to evaluate its fluidity;
  • Pour the equivalent of a tablespoon of oil into a small glass;
  • Warm the contents of the glass in the palms of your hand, so as to release and enhance the volatile aromas. Sniff the sample, inhaling slowly and trying to pick up the pleasant or unpleasant sensations.
  • Let the oil slide on your tongue to identify the bitter or sweet taste until it reaches the throat where it detects the spicy taste;
  • In the meantime, grit your teeth slightly so that air can come into the mouth and let it come across the oil so that it expands it through the whole palate until it reaches all the taste buds.
  • Of course you have to create a sensory vocabulary specifically aimed at defining an olive oil’s characteristics: hot, bitter, fruity, almond, woody, herbaceous, tomato. When can these words be attributed to an olive oil?

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