Our Production

One of the most important factors influencing the quality of the Acton di Leporano olive oil is the cultivar portfolio, with different varieties finding their ideal growing conditions in this area of Calabria.

Acton farm produces and, following a decantation and filtering process, bottles the following mono varietal: Ottobratica, Leccino,  Carolea, Frantoio, Roggianella and Cannavà.

Olive harvesting runs from early October to the end of November. Each variety is picked in the right period of maturation when the olives change their colour from green to violet.

The entire production process, from the pruning, cultivation and picking, to the final olive oil product is managed, with extreme care, by the farm’s owner.

The transformation of the olives must be done immediately, because the fruit, and remember olive is a fruit, begins its fermentation process as soon as it detaches from the tree.

The procedure must be flawless and hygienic, must not be interrupted and there must be no contact between the olive paste and oxygen. The whole procedure must be followed at a temperature never over 26 C°.

As soon as oil is separated, it is filtered and stored in special tanks, where aromatic features and chemical stability are maintained thanks to inert gas to prevent oxidation.

Our mono varietal extra virgin olive oil is produced, bottled and packaged for professionals, such as chefs, restaurant owners, gourmets, food lovers, in the following formats: 0,25 lt; 0,50 lt; 0; 75 lt; dark green round bottles; and 5 lt. tin cans.

All our production has the characteristics of high quality olive oil. Its low acidity makes it an indispensable element of healthy, natural nutrition based on the principles of the Mediterranean diet.

Acton’s olive oil has a harmonic and intense taste which hides natural aromas such as tomato, artichoke and grass fragrances.

Close your eyes and taste with care: you can discover an entire world hidden in a spoonful of olive oil.

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