When we have a delicate oil which has a sweet taste, like Leccino or Carolea, it is preferred a more balanced combination such as soft cheeses, farmed raw fish and pastries.

Sweet and a bit old olive oil would be ideal to use for the preparation of homemade mayonnaise.

An oil with a sharp tendency and a spicy touch, like Roggianella, will enhance many dishes such as a great pecorino calabrese, sheep cheese, brie, gorgonzola – or velvety semi sweet pulses, pasta with vegetables and baked fish.

Very bitter oils, spicy and persistent, like Frantoio, need particularly structured combinations such as vegetables soups and tomato stews. Don’t forget to use Frantoio upon a fantastic bruschetta.

An harmonic and well-balanced olive oil like Ottobratica or Cannavà, is ideal for both raw and cooking uses. 

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