Suggestions for optimal olive oil conservation

  1. 1 A fresh olive oil contains deposits known as residual pulp which contains natural organics substances which do not affect product quality. Such residue is present at the bottom of the containers during the months after olive oil production and bottling. For this reason a young olive oil appears cloudy. The fresher the olive oil, the longer this phenomenon will last. In order to eliminate the residual pulp you can further filter the olive oil using a paper tissue and a funnel.
  2. Fresh olive oil reaches its freezing point at about 7°C above zero. it’s very important to remember that the better the quality and the fresher the product the higher its freezing point will be. The frozen olive oil visibly presents thickening and viscosity which will be greater with a lowering of the temperature. Keeping the olive oil at an average temperature of about 15/ 20 C° above 0 will cause this phenomenon to disappear.
  3. As a fatty acid, the oil is subject to slow degradation. It is a good habit to consume the olive oil within 18 months from the press. The oxidation of the oil makes the polyphenol, antioxidants and aromas, considered to be the noble part of the oil, disappear.
  4. Several rules exist to reduce the degradation of the high quality fresh olive oil. The producer, first of all, has to create an excellent olive oil, with a high level of polyphenols and low acidity. Furthermore, the olive oil has to be stored in stainless steel tanks, under controlled temperature and inert gas.

    Here are several suggestions for consumers:
      • conserve the olive oil in dark bottles, in a container with as little air as possible, far away from heat sources at a temperature of 15 / 20  C°.
      • The most suitable container for preserving olive oil is the 5 litre tank. Make sure this container is not left half empty. In this case, put the olive oil in smaller bottles and consume the product in the shortest possible time. 

  5. It is useful to know that olive oil is a product subject to rapid transformation processes. Once bottled, you could try this: put the oil in a thin and half empty white table bottle “oliera”, leave it in the sun and without a lid for a week. Now, compare the correctly conserved olive oil with the one kept in the oliera.

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